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Lennin Gerson Parra



Date of Birth:

Date of Death:

September 19, 1993

October 11, 2021

Place of Death:


Cemetery Location:

Grave site:

Everett, WA

Tahoma National Cementery

Kent, WA

Not Listed

Lennin was born September 19, 1993, in Santa Barbara, California. From the moment he was born he was a loving and kind person. We never had a single fight or argument and our bond grew immensely through the years. He was my best friend and only son. As a kid, Lennin loved going to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Lennin also had a great passion for music and video games. He taught himself how to play drums through games like Guitar Hero, and even played drums for a local Christian church. After graduating Ventura High School, Lennin found the passion to serve this great country and joined the United States Navy in November 2013. He worked as an Aircraft Mechanic (Aviation Machinist Mate) stationed at Edwards Air Force Base and later Naval Air Station Lemoore. Even though he was stationed in California, Lennin would travel to Washington every Christmas, his favorite time of the year, to spend the holidays with family. We were devastated with the sad news in June 2020 when Lenin called from a hospital in Lemoore to tell us he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Sarcoma. He was relieved from his duties and moved home to Washington to begin treatment. Throughout chemotherapy and surgeries, he never complained of "why him" and why of this terminal illness. He remained positive about the treatment process until the end. He ultimately succumbed to his illness on October 11, 2021. I was present when he came from his mother's womb and took his very first breath, and I was also there by his bedside when he took his last one. He was buried at Tahoma National Cemetery with military honors. Lennin was a son, a brother, and a true friend. We miss him so much! "Until We Meet Again My Beloved Son." Written by: Javier Parra, Gold Star Father
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