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Keigan Baker Memorial Fund
Supporting individuals driven to serve within the U.S. Military Special Operations Forces.

The Corporal’s Diary
Fallen soldier’s journal and videotapes inspire documentary.

GSM Patti Nowaczyk
SSGT David Nowaszyk, Enduring Honor Memorial Fund, Inc.

GSM Besty Schultz
Captain Joseph House Foundation

GSM Carol Shield
Andrew J. Shields Memorial Scholarship

GSM Marcia LaBrossiere - Author
Where Is My Daddy NOW?

GSM Laurie Finlayson
David Finlayson, Lion Heart Heroes Foundation

GSM Nancy Brouwers
Thomas A. Biddle Foundation

GSM Leslie Mayne
PTSD Foundation

Gold Star Organizations

Outside Organizations

Veterans Guide is an initiative founded by the Disability Advocate Group, LLC. We provide comprehensive educational materials and direct access to a panel of expert counselors and legal professionals in collaboration with the National Advocates for Veterans Disability Assistance, LLC (NAVDA).

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