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Ronald J. Overstreet


National Guard

Date of Birth:

Date of Death:

November 22, 1979

March 4, 2006

Place of Death:


Cemetery Location:

Grave site:

St. Helens, Oregon

Willamette National Cemetery

Portland, OR

Columbarium 6 Site 860 A

Private Ronald Overstreet was born Nov. 22, 1979, in St. Helens, Ore., and was murdered March 4, 2006, in St. Helens, Ore.

Pvt. Overstreet spent 15 months in Kuwait and had been home for about one year. He is survived by his mother, Julie Baldie
Of Vancouver Wash; one brother, Daniel; his grandparents, Ron and Ethel Baldie of Vancouver,Wash; maternal aunts, Nancy Jauron of Rainier, Ore., Natalie Kriger of San Francisco, Calif., Roberta Pickrell of Rochester Wash; Tawnya Sheperd of Louisville KY; Janet Baldie of Vancouver Wash; his father William Overstreet of St. Helen OR; sister Jessica Overstreet of St. Helens OR; and Uncle Jack Overstreet if St. Helens OR; as well as numerous great aunts and uncles and cousins. Pvt. Overstreet's final resting place will be determined at a later date.

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